North Star Café, Queen Margaret Drive

North Star is one of my favourite café’s in Glasgow. I love it and could not wait to review it for you.

Situated at 108 Queen Margaret Drive, the tiny North Star Café can be easy to miss but as the saying goes…good things come in small packages.

This family run café is not short of awards: Winner of Glasgow café of the Year 2015 and current finalists in both the best barista and best café for the Italian awards 2015- they will find out tomorrow if they have won- so watch this space!!!

Ester and her fiancée Maurizio took over North Star 4 years ago. Both bringing different experience with them- Maurizio as a chef and Ester as front of house in various Italian restaurants in Glasgow. Since then they have built up a loyal following through their passion for cooking and fusion of Italian and Scottish traditions. This is a café where you can get a roll and sausage followed by a Cannoli- a winning combination.

So how did this little gem score:

Service 5/5: The service in North Star is lovely. As soon as you walk in you know you are in a family run establishment. The kitchen, which is at the back of the cafe, is visible to all and there is always a lot of chatter and laughter emanating from it-a sign of the close team that Ester and Maurizio have built. Ester, herself is so friendly and warm. It is definitely service with a smile in North Star. They give extra special attention to children which is lovely and when you leave there is always a shout of Ciao from the kitchen.

Food 5/5: The menu at North Star is great: a choice of All Day Breakfast, pasta, various types of bruschetta, salads and a huge array of sandwiches. They also have daily specials such as Italian stews and ravioli. All the food is made fresh to order and the cakes on offer are home made by Maurizio, including a number of gluten-free and dairy-free options. Cannoli and Aragostelle pastries are shipped in from Italy and all the bread is made by a local Italian bakers. Not a Cafe to sit on it’s haunches though, Ester told me that they are hoping to expand in the future to make their own bread.

Personally, when I come to North Star I find it almost impossible to pass by the French toast. In my opinion it is truly the best French toast in Glasgow. Made from a thick, doorstop of white fresh bread, served with a choice of bacon, berries, bananas or cheese and a generous lashing of maple syrup. They also stock gluten free bread which can be used for the French toast or sandwiches.

image1 (8)

As if that wasn’t enough sweetness I shared a white chocolate Cannoli and a nutella Aragastolle with Colin. Delicious and washed down with a latte. This actually is an important mention- North Star is my absolute favourite coffee stop due to its really creamy and rich Lattes.

image2 (6)

Atmosphere 4/5: The atmosphere in North Star is warm and full of bustle. You do feel you have just walked into a big family kitchen. It is very small so you often have to wait for a table at peak times and some of the seating is more comfortable than others. There is probably, however, not a lot of room for wheelchairs, buggies etc.

Price £ : I think North Star is great value for money. For a generous portion of French toast for 2, a soft drink, 2 coffees and 2 pastries the total cost was £21.50.

Overall Score 14/15: As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of this little gem of a Cafe and would fully recommend that you take a stroll by. Within a spitting distance of the Botanics you could even grab one of their amazing coffees and take it on a stroll.

They are open Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 10-5pm and can be hired at night for private functions.

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