Pilates in the Botanics

As the nights draw in, the weather gets wetter and the mince pies get warmer, our motivation for exercise quickly freezes over.  So I thought I would do a wee series of great places to exercise around Byres Road to get us warmed up again. First on the list is Pilates in the Botanics. 

My absolute favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning is to go to pilates in the botanics by Kerry Stewart. It is idyllic. I have been doing this class for 5 years and I have never tired of it.

Pilates is great for strengthening your core muscles, which means a tighter tummy and a stronger back.

Kerry is a great teacher, much loved by all her pupils, instructing us with  phrases such as  ‘lift your stomach off the floor as though you were trying not to squash your last Malteser’. Now that is motivational imagery!!

There are two classes on a Saturday at 10am and 11am, You can enter the class at any stage and you just pay per class, no need to sign up to a course of classes. I liked this as it allowed me to develop a love for pilates practice at my own pace without having to commit to a set course, where I would invariably miss classes. Kerry provides all mats and equipment so all you have to do is turn up.

On a sunny day (so hardly ever) the class is held outdoors at the side of the kibble palace- a hidden wee bit of the gardens so you don’t feel overlooked. The majority of the time, however, it is held in a heated room in Kibble Palace. Whether its being outdoors on a summers day or stretching in Kibble Palace hearing the rain hit off the glass ceiling; there is something very meditative about the experience.  I just love it!

image1 (9)

Then when you are feeling limber and chilled you can emerge from the glasshouse and have a stroll down Byres Road, feeling totally angelic in your active start to the weekend. Until you reach the first coffee shop of course…

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