Get your groove on at Zumba, Dance Glasgow

Welcome to the second blog in my exercise series. Every Tuesday at 5.45pm I walk into Dance Glasgow on Ruthven lane, tired after a long days work. By 6.30pm, however, I strut out on to Byres Road feeling like a million dollars.

This transformation is due to Zumba taught by Greg. For 45 minutes I am transformed into Shakira (well in my mind at least), shaking my hips and anything else that wobbles.

Greg is a great teacher, the music is fantastic- think Shake it Out, Footloose and Proud Mary- and it is a really great workout. Unlike many zumba classes I have been too, this class really has you breaking a sweat. In 45 minutes your heart is racing and the sweat is dripping- obviously in a totally seductive, glistening, Shakira type way!

Dance Glasgow has a studio in the Westend and in the city centre of Glasgow. Colin and I had our dance lessons for the first dance of our wedding at Dance Glasgow, with Marion. Again these were fantastic and we both agree that it was one of our favourite things that we did in the run up to our wedding. Would highly recommend them.

It is therefore a great place to go for love birds, serious dancers and those just looking to get fit. It has a wide range of classes from jazz. contemporary, ballet to stretch and yoga.

If like me, however, you like your regular exercise to be disguised as fun then definitely give Dance Glasgow’s Zumba a try.


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