Mediterraneo Restaurant, Ingram Street, Glasgow

Mediterraneo can be found on Ingram Street, in Glasgow’s Merchant City. This is a great location for a Friday or Saturday night in town, with lots of great bars and clubs nearby. It advertises itself as a restaurant, pizzeria and champagne bar.

I went to Mediterraneo on a Friday night for a workmates leaving do. We had a lovely time together but found Mediterraneo to be a very mediocre dining experience…..

Here’s how it scored:

Service 2/5: The service was polite. There was a long wait between the starter and the main course but to be fair the waiting staff did come and apologise to us about this.  My chair backed onto the walkway through the restaurant and despite pulling it in as much as possible I was continually being knocked by the waiting staff and sauce was spilt on my scarf which was over the back of my chair. The bill was  confusing and did not lay out clearly what we had ordered so it was difficult to know if this was correct. My friend had asked for a substitution of jalapeños to onions on her pizza and they had charged her £1 for this, which we felt was cheeky. When we queried the bill with a waitress she was polite and took the £1 off but we still remained confused about what we were being charged for in some parts of the bill.

Food 3/5: The food was nice and well presented, but not anything particularly special. The a la carte menu was massive and a little overwhelming. I decided to go with the set-menu as it seemed good value and had a more manageable level of choice for me. For starter I had Gamberoni Piccante (King Prawns cooked in extra virgin olive oil, white wine, crushed garlic, fresh herbs and chilli) with a slice of garlic bread. It was tasty and the sauce was good for dipping my garlic bread into. The flavouring of the sauce was delicate but overpowered by the chilli.

image1 (3)

My main course was Angus Beef Ragu with Fettucini. It was fine. The ragu sauce was rich but slightly bitter and the beef was a little bit tough. Overall it was quite bland.

image2 (2)

For dessert I enjoyed home made cheesecake. It was creamy, light and I really enjoyed it.

image3 (3)

Atmosphere 3.5/5: Mediterraneo is well placed for people watching. We were sitting at a round table in the corner window, which offered us a dual aspect view down Ingram Street which was particularly fun as it was Halloween weekend. The restaurant is a mix of tables and booths. It felt like a disjointed mix between restaurant, deli and ice-cream parlour, with alcohol thrown in- I think this may be a symptom of its different functions as restaurant, pizzeria and champane bar. The atmosphere was pleasant but not lively and we felt slightly isolated from other diners in our wee corner.

Price ££: The set-menu on a weekend night is £14.50 for 2 courses. My starter and main had a £1.50 and £2.50 supplement respectively. The dessert was an extra £3.50. Therefore, the total cost of my food was £22 for 3 courses. This did not feel overpriced but considering you can have the 3 course market menu at the Blysthwood for a similar price I think I would definitely head there instead.

Overall Score: 8.5/15. Great location and good fun people watching, but pretty mediocre food, atmosphere and service.


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