Kimchi Cult Review: A cult I would pay to join

After a long and tiring day a couple of Thursdays ago, Colin and I decided we needed a take-away. Having our usual pizza, Chinese or kebab debate we then had the genius idea of trying out Kimchi Cult, 14 Chancellor Street, Glasgow…

This tiny little take away may be small in space but it is large in flavour. There are a couple of tables when you enter, which would give you the option of sitting in and having a front row view of the goings on in the kitchen. The décor is eclectic and welcoming. We chose to take-away though because, you know, it was just one of those nights where you feel like slumping.


We did chat to the owner though and gleaned a few key facts about the place. The owner and his wife, whilst from London and Scotland respectively, have spent a lot of time in Korea and wanted to bring the tastes that they loved there back to the UK. Kimchi Cult was therefore born: first in London as street food and now re-located to Glasgow. We are very glad that they have.

Food 5/5: The menu at Kimchi Cult consists of Burgers, Bao (Taiwanese steamed buns), Bibimbap (Korean rice bowls), fries and Korean Fried Chicken.


We ordered Pork Belly and Bulgogi Brisket Bao which were delicious, I love a steamed bun and these did not dissapoint. The bun was light and the fillings were full of flavour.

image2 (15)

The Korean Fried Chicken Wings, in soy garlic glaze was the best fried chicken I have ever had. The batter was so crispy and light, the meat was tender and the glaze was finger-licking good!

image1 (13)

The Bulgogi Fries were fries topped with marinated beef, spring onions, kimchi hot sauce and mayonnaise. These  were like a posh, exotic, slightly healthier-feeling chips and cheese and were so amazing that they will definitely become my go to comfort food. Loved them.

image3 (12)

Price £: The whole take-away cost us £18. This was great value due to the quality of the take-away and for how unusual it was.

Overall 5/5: I don’t formally score take-away on service and atmosphere but this would score well on both. Full points for food: great place for take-away if you fancy something delicious and different from the norm.



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