Review-My Home Bakery: If only I could bake like this in my home

I love My Home Bakery on Hyndland Street, Glasgow. It is just round the corner from my house which makes it an all too tempting option for a quick wee cake or delicious lamb and mango chutney sausage roll…yum!!!! Let’s face it…you know that anywhere that says ‘Diets end here’ on the door is going to be yummy.

image2 (16)


As you can see from the spread below My Home Bakery is an independently run bakery, with a lot of talent and a huge array of yummies. It is worth knowing that they do a wide selection of gluten free cakes and bread and also carefully label they cakes that are nut free so no one need miss out.

image3 (13)

One of the amazing facts I was once told by one of the owners of My Home Bakery was that they don’t use juice concentrate in their cakes. Therefore when they make a lemon cake for example they squeeze fresh lemons to produce the lemon juice for the cake and you can taste the difference. The lemon cake in particular is moist to the point of almost being juicy- delicious!

On this occasion I chose a Strawberry Bakewell Tart (Colin’s favourite and big enough to feed a small army), a chocolate and hazelnut brownie and one of those juicy lemon and cranberry cakes (gluten free by the way). It says a lot about the quality of baking when you would choose a gluten free cake when you don’t have to.

image4 (5)

Although I didn’t get any on this occasion, My Home Bakery does a great range of savoury options too…from lovely, fresh sandwiches to my favourite lamb and mango chutney sausage roll.

I love this place and highly recommend it to anyone hankering after a little sweetness in the west end. Then when you get home, you can bash them around a bit, put them on a tray and pretend you made them….

image1 (14)

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