A Roasting Hot Review for Roasters Deli

My husband Colin has been counting the days for Roasters Deli in Partick to open. Situated at Partick tube station, this New York inspired deli, offering both sit-in and take-away has been creating a social media buzz about its opening since June. We spent 2 weeks in New York in January and loved the deli sandwiches, hence Colin’s mouth has been drooling every time he saw a tweet or facebook post about Roasters. So we rushed down on its 4th day of opening to sample some delights….

So how did it score:

Food 4.5/5: We really enjoyed the food. It was pure, comfort (would be amazing for a hangover), rolling all the way home food. Just what you want on a rainy night in Partick and exactly what American diner food should be.

Colin was going for it and had an Oreo Shake to start. It was delicious…I think I would probably have it as a pudding but each to their own. Creamy, creamy, creamy with just a little bit of crunch peeping through from the oreos and a dollop of thick cream on the top.

image1 (16)

He followed this up with a Rueben Roaster: home smoked Pastrami, emmental cheese, red onions, homemade Kimchi and Louis dressing. The pastrami is homemade by roasters and takes 3.5 weeks to be fully ready. It was cut quite thick and a little spicy, which Carnivore Colin was super pleased with.

image2 (17)

I had a Philly Cheese Steak which was seared steak, covered in Provolone topped with griddled onions and homemade Sriracha mayonnaise. It was really delicious, a little dry round the edges but the middle was stuffed and I loved the mayonnaise.

We also shared Bacon Poutine which was soooooo good. This is a traditional Canadian dish, which is chips, in gravy, with cheese curd and in this case deliciously crispy, bacon. I loved this.

image1 (15)

I ended with a Latte. Roasters have their very own blend of coffee, roasted by the oldest coffee makers in Venice that no one else in Scotland sells. It was amazing, rich and smooth. One of the best Lattes I have had in a long time and there was no reduction in quality for it being a decaf.

image3 (14)

The menu is great, with some real hard core dishes such as macaroni grilled cheese (a macaroni filled toastie) and the Beef Dip. The Beef Dip was a dish featured on man vs food, where your pastrami or hot roast beef sandwich is dipped into the cooked meat juices. There is a good breakfast menu and you can even have your eggs benedict in a toastie- tricky. All of the sauces, meats etc. are all prepared freshly in the deli so even though you may be eating your own weight in food it is fresh and homemade.

Atmosphere 2.5/5: I think as Roasters Deli has just opened it has not fully developed its character in terms of atmosphere. I really liked the decor but I think the lights were a little bright and the music a bit loud (but maybe I am just old and grumpy).

image4 (6)

The kitchen is visible to diners which I like. It was quiet when we were there as it was the first evening it had opened late and I can imagine that if busier it would have a buzz about it. I think all the ingredients are there for the character and atmosphere to develop and Jamie’s personality definitely shows through the food.

Service 5/5: The service was attentive and friendly (Jamie’s partner). The menu was well known and Jamie came out of the kitchen to discuss dishes with us. When I asked what a couple of things on the menu were such as Provolone, he gave me a wee bowl of the cheese to taste before I ordered to check that I liked it. Jamie is clearly very passionate about his cooking, previously having worked at Bread meats Bread and Tribeca. He also has a great vision for Roasters including home delivery through Deliveroo, which I imagine will be really popular.

Price ££: Our bill came to £24 for 2 sandwiches, poutine, soft drink and shake, which we thought was fine as the portions were super generous. I suppose if you were popping in for a take-away sandwich at lunchtime you may think £5-£7 a sandwich was expensive but they are unique, gigantic and delicious.

Overall 12/15: Great start for this new venture. The food and service were great. Would be a fun take-away option also. Unique in its offerings and I think the atmosphere and character will develop naturally as it is open for longer.

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