Blythswood Square: A Christmas Treat

Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow, is one of my favourite places to go for a sneaky cocktail, a thermal spa (aaaand relax….) or food. So I was super excited to go the Sunday before Christmas for my birthday with my lovely hubby and family and boy did we enjoy it. As my 3 year old niece said “Today is all about food because it’s a birthday day” (I think she is going to take after her Auntie)…..

Food 5/5: We went for the Festive Menu, which was £29.50 for 3 courses. I had ‘pressed ham hock and Arran mustard terrine, with apple and date puree, celeriac remoulade’ to start with. Ham Hock is one of my favourite starters of all time and I was not disappointed. It was wholesome and flavoursome, without being too heavy. I had a piece of sunflower and a piece of sun-dried tomato bread to accompany it…yummy.


Since it was Christmas I had ‘medallions of ayrshire turkey, cranberry and oatmeal stuffing, honey glazed carrots and parsnips, pigs in blankets and brussel sprouts with chateau potatoes’. It was as good as it sounds, it looked like quite a small portion but it was really filling and the vegetables were cooked to perfection.


For pudding I had ‘Chocolate and Clementine Tart, salted caramel sauce Baileys Chantilly cream’. It was good, not too heavy, but decadently chocolatey at the same time.


One of the best things about the Blythswood is the cocktails. They have an extensive cocktail menu and for Christmas they extended this with the addition of a festive cocktail menu.

From left to right we tried the Festive Treacle, Americano on 34th Street and Spiced Pear Kir. Gorgeous and with quite a kick.

Service 4/5: I fully expected to give the Blythswood 5/5 for service as we have never had anything but impeccable service when we have come here. However, if I was to rate on today alone I would give it a 3/5 so I am going to meet somewhere in the middle based on my past experience of great service and to give the benefit of the doubt as it was the Sunday before Christmas. On the plus side we were at our table for 4 hours and not rushed at all, the waiting staff were all friendly and had a good knowledge of the menu. On the down side service was slow, slightly forgetful e.g. no milk was brought with the teas, forgetting things we had asked for and I was slightly worried that the kids menu was served on very hot plates- much hotter than the adults and too hot for a child to eat off. I ended up moving most of my niece’s food onto a side plate. I was also slightly disappointed that some tables were given Christmas crackers while others were not, we were not and I missed not wearing my paper hat.

Atmosphere 5/5: The atmosphere at the Blythswood never fails to deliver. It is classy without being stuffy, lively whilst still being quiet enough to chat and luxurious whilst still being relaxed. I love it. The chairs so comfortable that we positively lounged over our lunch and cocktails, so much so that when we asked for the bill we got a shock that we had been there for 4 hours. We had lunch in the restaurant which is on the ground floor and is light, airy and cosy at the same time. You can also have drinks in the salon on the first floor which is a more lively bar area. It is beautiful at Christmas, with lovely decorations, a gorgeous tree and even this guy manning the front door…


The Blythswood is also a hotel, I have never stayed in the rooms but if the other areas of the hotel are anything to go by I imagine they are plush. In the basement the spa is dark and tranquil. Colin and I treated ourselves to a special offer they were running in the summer of a 6 week off peak pass to the thermal spa- it was amazing. We whiled away hours in the different pools, saunas and steam rooms, leaving so relaxed we were sleep walking all the way home. They offer thermal spa and afternoon tea day experiences which would make a great (albeit not budget) gift, especially as you would have to accompany the receiver…you know just to make sure they were safe ;-).

Price £££: £29.50 I felt was good value for the three courses we were served, the kids menu was £10 for 3 courses and cocktails were around the £9 mark. My favourite thing about the Blythswood is the competitively priced Market Menu, a set menu which runs all year and is £22.50 for 3 courses at lunch and early dinner. For the atmosphere, service and quality of food this is a bargain, when you think you could spend this on a pub meal easily.

Overall 14/15: I love the Blysthwood and this time was no exception. The service was not as great as usual but was still good. The atmosphere and food were brilliant and the price is good value. I would choose the Blysthwood every time for a special occasion and with the great value market menu, it can even be a regular for date night.

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