Celebrating Women at Glasgow Womens Library

Did you know that out of 167 statues in the streets of Glasgow only 3 are of women…Surely the wonderful and important women of Glasgow deserve to be celebrated more than this. The Glasgow Womens Library think so.


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Dinner and Drinks at the Dakota: Restaurant Review

You may have passed the black box of the Dakota at Eurocentral on the M8 many times but have you ever thought of going for dinner or even better to stay over for the night? A number of our friends kept telling us about amazing nights they had in this Edinburgh and Glasgow based hotel, where they drank great cocktails, ate good food and slept in trendy rooms. So this Hogmanay, Colin and I decided to be a little bit anti-social and treat ourselves to a night in this mysterious black box of a hotel. From the moment we pushed aside the velvet curtains in the entrance way we were relaxed.

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New Year, New You?

As per usual after a December filled with festive cheer, mince pies, Christmas cake and a good slosh of wine to wash it all down with, I have been mentally ticking off a well rehearsed and constantly repeated list of New Years resolutions. I am sure a lot of you are making the same sort as me: lose weight, exercise more, have the perfect beach body by summer 2016. However, this year I am going to try and do it slightly differently…

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