New Year, New You?

As per usual after a December filled with festive cheer, mince pies, Christmas cake and a good slosh of wine to wash it all down with, I have been mentally ticking off a well rehearsed and constantly repeated list of New Years resolutions. I am sure a lot of you are making the same sort as me: lose weight, exercise more, have the perfect beach body by summer 2016. However, this year I am going to try and do it slightly differently…

Last week as I was packing for our January holiday to Malta I found myself in a complete mood as I struggled to fit into clothes that had definitely fitted me in November. I actually cried because I couldn’t get a zip up on a dress, standing in front of the mirror pinching my flabby bits and disliking the sight in front of me.

Then I stopped and realized that I was being mean, irrational and hugely ungrateful to this body of mine.

Our bodies show the journeys we have been through. New mums for example often feel self conscious that they can’t fit back in their new jeans or upset about new scars but these are the marks of an amazing journey-the most amazing thing a body can do, growing and giving birth to new life. In the last year my body has been through a very tough time, as it became unwell. It went through various investigations, scans and now fortnightly painful injections to keep me well. It now allows me to sleep normally again, work fully, enjoy social functions and do the things I love. Yet, I stare at this body that has been through so much, worked so hard for me and I disapprove of it because it’s put on a few pounds.

I know I am not alone in this I have seen many others do the same after Christmas, we become disgusted with ourselves, we are mean about our bodies and pledge to make them perfect in the next year. I have been to diet classes that tell us to pin the fattest photo of ourselves on the fridge so we can stare at it with disgust every time we think about eating. I have witnessed many strong, intelligent and capable people fall apart like I did because they can’t fit into a piece of clothing. Some may argue we need this feeling of upset with our bodies to motivate us to change but I would argue differently.

This year lets resolve to stop this criticism and to love our bodies instead. Yes by all means lets nourish them better, lets exercise them more but lets do it with love. Let’s pledge to say only kind things to our bodies, lets not look at them harshly and not constantly strive for perfection. What is perfect anyway? All these years whilst focusing on my body’s flaws I missed out on the fact it was perfect because it worked, it was healthy and it allowed me to be me. So this January when I cut out all the junk food and exercise more, I resolve to do it from a place of love not from hate. My body deserves that gratitude from me, as does yours….


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