A Buttery Review for Catch Restaurant in Giffnock

Colin and I are doing a clean eating challenge for the first 3 months of 2016, which is great by the way (but I will maybe share more of that later). After 3 weeks of not eating out we were hankering for a wee restaurant bite to eat. It may seem odd to you that we decided to go to Catch, a fish and chip shop and restaurant, in Giffnock.  However, after reading a Daily Record article from January which named Catch in its top 10 healthy eating restaurants for 2016, due to its grilled fish options we were willing to give it a try.

So how did Catch live up to the reputation awarded it by the Daily Record.

Service 3/5: Service was pleasant and friendly. The waitress we had could not answer our questions about the menu but did find out for us promptly. Other than that it provided the basic service you would expect in a fish and chip restaurant.

Food 3/5: Catch describes itself as a posh fish and chip shop. Which it is. Next to its traditional fish and chips it serves lobster, grilled fish, salads, burgers and daily specials. It is also licensed and has both a downstairs and upstairs seating area.

I ordered off the specials menu. For starter I had king scallops on pea puree with red pepper dressing and pancetta. This was good but I wasn’t sure that the combination of pea puree (which was mushy peas) and scallops worked with regards to texture. The pancetta was also undercooked.

image2 (19)

For main I ordered red mullet with courgette tagliatelle, scallops and basil pesto. The fish was pan fried and had a gorgeous crispy skin, the courgette tagliatelle was chunky and perfectly cooked and the basil pesto was flavoursome. My main complaint with this dish was that it was absolutely and unnecessarily swimming in butter, as you can see from the picture.

image2 (18)

Colin ordered the grilled whole lemon sole and had the same complaint that it was almost not worth ordering a grilled option due to the amount of butter it was swimming in. Had the potential to be delicious but the amount of butter ruined it (and we love butter, hence the need to do a clean eating challenge). What should have been lighter options were very heavy on the stomach, and left us feeling greasily saturated.

Atmosphere 3.5/5: The atmosphere in Catch is fun and lively. It lay somewhere between the traditional chippy and a bistro. Downstairs, one wall is taken up with the fish and chip counter displaying the fresh fish that Catch sells and the other has booths for sitting in, its stylish and well-lit. There was a long queue for take-away when we arrived, which would probably put me off sitting down the stairs as you may feel a bit overlooked.

image4 (7)

The upstairs mezzanine was stylish and buzzing, the decor was reminiscent of a beach hut, which brings a feel of the seaside to Giffnock. Unfortunately it does have the smell of a fish and chip shop, which lingers on your clothes, and there is a greasiness to the floor, especially downstairs but then it is a fish and chip shop.

Price ££: For two courses each the bill came to £50.35 which I must say I feel was overpriced. I realise fish is expensive and you are getting a more upmarket experience with your fish and chips but I think I have had better two course meals for £25 a head. On the way out I had a peak at the take away menu, which seemed more reasonably priced.

Overall 9.5/15: So to be fair Catch is a fish and chip restaurant and asking it to be healthy may be a tall order. However, I think it would have made it if they hadn’t completely rowned everything in butter, which really did their fresh fish a disservice. If you are in the mood for posh fish and chips though I would recommend Catch but wouldn’t bother with the healthier options.


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