Review: Butchershop Bar and Grill

So sorry Westenddazies that I have been behind with my blog posts recently. Life has been a bit hectic.

We have been sticking to our clean eating (semi-)religiously and are feeling great for it. However, every so often we feel the need for a little treat. Dinner at the Butchershop Bar and Grill one rainy Tuesday filled this need and more, whilst not totally ruining the diet, which is a big plus. Situated across from Kelvingrove Museum the Butchershop Bar and Grill matches this prime position with great food, service and atmosphere.

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A Tantalising Tasting Menu from Section 33

Section 33 have done it again and although I didn’t think they could get any better from my last review of them in November, they did (see Review: Section33 Popup Restaurant). Section 33 is an underground pop up restaurant with a generous heart. It takes unusual spaces and make them spectacular for 3-4 days only, serving not only innovative but consistently amazing food.  The past 2 pop-ups have been in the Govanhill Baths and the Panopticon, with a selection of small plates to choose from. In each of these locations Section 33 donated a share of its profits to the venue to help with their restoration funds, as well as local food banks.

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