A wee tipple at Corney and Barrow, Ayr

So westenddazies this week Colin and I were invited to the wine cellars of Corney and Barrow Wine Merchants in Ayr for a tour and a little taste of their house Prosecco. As you can imagine it was a hard day….

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Jute, Jam and Journalism: A whistlestop tour of Dundee

Heading back to Dundee on the banks of the silvery Tay for the weekend, was a bit of a homecoming for me- having left it 7 years ago, after 6 years of happy study there. Dundee is a great city to visit and often gets overlooked for weekend breaks. It is undergoing a lot of redevelopment at the moment and the new V&A, when completed, will put it firmly on the arts and culture map: but it already has so much to offer.

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