Review: Butchershop Bar and Grill

So sorry Westenddazies that I have been behind with my blog posts recently. Life has been a bit hectic.

We have been sticking to our clean eating (semi-)religiously and are feeling great for it. However, every so often we feel the need for a little treat. Dinner at the Butchershop Bar and Grill one rainy Tuesday filled this need and more, whilst not totally ruining the diet, which is a big plus. Situated across from Kelvingrove Museum the Butchershop Bar and Grill matches this prime position with great food, service and atmosphere.

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A Tantalising Tasting Menu from Section 33

Section 33 have done it again and although I didn’t think they could get any better from my last review of them in November, they did (see Review: Section33 Popup Restaurant). Section 33 is an underground pop up restaurant with a generous heart. It takes unusual spaces and make them spectacular for 3-4 days only, serving not only innovative but consistently amazing food.  The past 2 pop-ups have been in the Govanhill Baths and the Panopticon, with a selection of small plates to choose from. In each of these locations Section 33 donated a share of its profits to the venue to help with their restoration funds, as well as local food banks.

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A Buttery Review for Catch Restaurant in Giffnock

Colin and I are doing a clean eating challenge for the first 3 months of 2016, which is great by the way (but I will maybe share more of that later). After 3 weeks of not eating out we were hankering for a wee restaurant bite to eat. It may seem odd to you that we decided to go to Catch, a fish and chip shop and restaurant, in Giffnock.  However, after reading a Daily Record article from January which named Catch in its top 10 healthy eating restaurants for 2016, due to its grilled fish options we were willing to give it a try.

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Dinner and Drinks at the Dakota: Restaurant Review

You may have passed the black box of the Dakota at Eurocentral on the M8 many times but have you ever thought of going for dinner or even better to stay over for the night? A number of our friends kept telling us about amazing nights they had in this Edinburgh and Glasgow based hotel, where they drank great cocktails, ate good food and slept in trendy rooms. So this Hogmanay, Colin and I decided to be a little bit anti-social and treat ourselves to a night in this mysterious black box of a hotel. From the moment we pushed aside the velvet curtains in the entrance way we were relaxed.

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New Year, New You?

As per usual after a December filled with festive cheer, mince pies, Christmas cake and a good slosh of wine to wash it all down with, I have been mentally ticking off a well rehearsed and constantly repeated list of New Years resolutions. I am sure a lot of you are making the same sort as me: lose weight, exercise more, have the perfect beach body by summer 2016. However, this year I am going to try and do it slightly differently…

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